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2017? Bring It On

*Emerges from cave, looks about cautiously, sniffs the air*
This blog has been hibernating while it felt like my life was going into overdrive the past 18 months, with the end of my postdoc, conferences, frantic grant-writing, job searching, and the small matter of having a second child. Not to mention the exciting work on an amazing new TrowelBlazers project, 'outside' my academic and writing activities.

I've wanted to 'just write a quick thing' many times over the past months as some exceedingly interesting new Neandertal-related discoveries kept popping up. But each time I've been balancing other things and the blog has had to remain in stasis. So much is going on though, and it's nearly a new year, I thought I'd give the blog little poke and try to wake it up.

One of the brilliant things happening is the Raising Horizons project I've been running as a collaboration between TrowelBlazers and photographer Leonora Saunders. This has been an epic a…