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The White Mountain: Saint-Pierre-Eynac fieldwork, 2014

My poor blog has been neglected again due to workload, family life, and a huge amount of travelling over the past 8 months. So this report for 2014's fieldwork in the Massif Central region is horribly overdue. I've been wanting to get back with blogging for a while, and given that this year's fieldwork season is already upon us, it's time to get this done! So here's what we did last summer, including a big digger, silcrete galore, lithic-themed wine and a fieldwork baby!

When I came back from maternity leave, it was pretty much straight into several weeks of fieldwork in Haute-Loire. After packing up an unfeasibly huge amount of kit and baby luggage (yes, we needed a trailer), we managed the epic ten hour drive.

2014's fieldwork was aimed at exploring in more detail the archaeological context of the previously known artefacts from Saint-Pierre-Eynac, that I had started looking at last year. I've outlined what the TRACETERRE project is about in a couple of p…

#Real10000BC : This Is Not The Mesolithic

The new reality TV series 10,000 BC (Channel 5) is obviously, despite claims about 'making history fun', really more about seeing what a mix of people do when placed in harsh physical and social circumstances. However, given all the PR around how it's a 'Stone Age" setting, in a "Mesolithic-style" camp, it seems only fair that archaeologists get to have a say about the Real 10,000 BC- which by the way, isn't even IN the Mesolithic...

So for those interested in more than who starts crying first, here's a bit more info on the archaeology from around this time (and hello if you've come here via the #Real10000BC links!).

After seeing the Flintstones–Blair Witch mashup trailers for 10,000 BC, a lot of people who think and talk about the Stone Age for a living were more than a little skeptical of just how much living history (i.e. accurate conditions based on our knowledge from archaeology) there really was going to be. The PR photos might just be a…