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Silcrete as a lithic material in global context: session call for papers

Next year I'll be running a session at "On the Rocks",  the 10th International Symposium on Knappable Materials, in Barcelona.

Here's some information for the session, and the symposium.
Conference fees for those attending include coffee, cocktail party (hopefully with ice as shown in the conference poster above!), and dinner too. Unusually, and positively, postdocs are counted as students for fees. There may also be the option to present via webcast.
I'm hoping for lots of great papers submitted to my session- there must be tons of other silcrete fans out there, right?!

Silcrete as a lithic raw material in global context: geology, sourcing and techno-economics

The exploitation of silcrete deposits by humans for tool production is a subject gaining increasing focus in international research, and is at the heart of recent discoveries relating to the evolution of technology and other aspects of human behaviour in various contexts (e.g. Brown et al. 2009; …

TRACETERRE project poster, SAA 2014

A quick post here as I wanted to get this up a little while ago. In April, in my absence (due to new motherhood), my colleague Vincent Delvigne went to the Society for American Archaeology conference in Austin, Texas. We presented a poster outlining the work so far for my postdoc, on the silcrete source at Saint-Pierre-Eynac, Haute-Loire.

As the original poster is pretty big, I made it available to download on my Academia page, however I think that's not accessible to all- so click through here for an embedded image of the poster.
It's citable as 'Wragg Sykes et al. 2014. The White Mountain: Palaeolithic exploitation of the Saint-­Pierre-­‐Eynac silcrete, Haute-­‐Loire, France; a source‐centred approach. SAA 79th Annual Meeting, Austin, Texas.'

Cosmos magazine interview

I meant to post this last year when it actually took place, but in between waiting for image permission, going on maternity leave and having the baby, it got postponed!
In late 2013 I was approached by a journalist, Fiona Gruber, about doing an interview on my research for the Australian popular science magazine, Cosmos. I spent a couple of very enjoyable hours talking to Fiona by Skype, and the result (after protracted editing wrangles about accuracy- not with Fiona!) came out pretty nicely. Here's the link. Click through below for more photos, including some prancing about on campus with binoculars!

The photoshoot was done here on campus in Bordeaux, and I have to thank the team (Markel Redondo and partner) who managed to make me feel relaxed despite feeling very awkward having a massive camera in my face at all angles; it felt a bit like the scene in that 90s kids sci-fi Flight of the Navigator! It's also very cool to have been photographed by someone who has done a Terry …