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Old things and new things

Just a quick post for any readers looking out for updates on the postdoc project- the first output will be presented at the upcoming SAA (Society for American Archaeology) conference in Austin, USA towards the end of April. We're showing a poster on the Saint-Pierre-Eynac work we've been doing so far (very preliminary), and outlining what we hope to achieve this coming summer in terms of fieldwork. My colleague Vincent Delvigne, one of the co-authors and a specialist in sourcing flints, will be presenting for me as I'm unable to go to the conference (see below for reason!).

The results so far from the surface collection were somewhat disappointing, with a very low percentage of worked material overall, and very little that was technologically, and therefore chronologically, distinctive. It seems that the surface of SPE as a whole does have traces of human action, but this is complicated by the fact that the silcrete fractures naturally very easily in a way that superficia…