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Saint Pierre-Eynac: studying a silcrete source

It's been a little while since I last wrote about my postdoc project, mainly because of finishing (or almost finishing) fieldwork, and then coming back to Bordeaux to get moved in. Various other complications have meant I've been ridiculously busy the past few weeks.
My last post, all about silcrete, was an introduction to what I'm doing, so this post will give a bit more detail about the site I'm working on: Saint Pierre-Eynac, and the field techniques we are planning.

Karen Ruebens' "Regional Behaviour in Late Neandertals" paper published

The paper by my colleague Karen Ruebens on regionality in biface traditions among late Neandertals has now been published in Journal of Human Evolution. Full title is : "Regional behaviour among late Neandertal groups in Western Europe: A comparative assessment of late Middle Palaeolithic bifacial tool variability".
This paper got a lot of mainstream press attention, much of which was actually very good in quality and testament to Karen's efforts to get the press release correct to avoid confusion and poor terminology. As a subject, it's close to some of the things I've been interested in too, in fact we have a paper that's under review on a related topic in another journal.
It's not open access, but I think she is planning to put a manuscript version on her Academia page soon, so if you can't get it via the link above, you can search there too.