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India: Markets

It's been a while since I posted any photos from my India trip last year, so I'll be getting more posts out in the next few weeks, including the one with bird photographs, but those require some editing having been often taken with a telephoto lens. For now, here's a visual tour of the many markets we visited while travelling from Hyderabad to Mysore, via the Western Ghats!

Bordeaux Diaries: Navigating Week Zero

This thing of beauty, a perfect French coffee, was a welcome respite during the middle of one of the most challenging weeks I've had for a long time. This was week zero, aka postdoc launch week, when I finally made it over to Bordeaux just before the actual start of my contract. 

TRACETERRE Tracing Neanderthal Territories: Landscape Organization and Stone Resource Management

It's nearly Postdoc Lift-off! My first research position since my PhD starts on 24th June, but I'm off to France a week early to try and find a place to live. I've been mentioning the postdoc (a Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship) for nearly a year since finding out I got funded, but with one thing and another, I haven't got around to talking about it in detail.
So, the project, working with Dr Jean-Paul Raynal (PACEA, Universite Bordeaux) and Dr Marie-Helene Moncel Museum of Natural History, Paris) is called TRACETERRE (a name which I'm kinda pleased with!).
Essentially I'll be using stone tools- lithics- to try and get at big questions about Neandertal technology, landscape use, and potentially their territoriality. If that whets your appetite (as it should!) read on for more details and background about what I'll be spending the next two years doing.