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Unravelling Human Origins 2013 report: Neanderthal edition

My first science report from January's Unravelling Human Origins 2013 conference, held in Cambridge is here finally, a bit delayed, but I thought I'd better get on with it as this week I'm going to another amazing conference (more on this later). Going to meetings is always inspiring, and the UHO meeting stimulated some riffing from me on new subjects of gender representation and social media outreach which you can find in an earlier post.
But now! You're here for the delectable Neanderthal research that was presented, so this is my pick- other equally groovy Palaeolithic science will be reported after this in a separate post.

Girls, Science & Social Context: how to improve STEM attainment in teenagers

This morning I've been up early, having a nice session of #madwriting with a science acquaintance I know through Twitter on the other side of the world. We met up for an hour of focused work, reported back our progress, and I felt energized for a day of work.
Then... I saw a link to a piece in the Guardian about girls and attainment in science, already being criticised by others, and it set my mind spinning.