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Incredible India

The blog's been a little quiet recently as I spent almost all of November and a bit of December travelling around South India with my mother (who needed a travel companion and generously asked me). I'd always harboured a desire to visit India, and my imagination had vague romantic visions from childhood of tigers lurking in jungles, and crumbling temples covered in vines and monkeys.

 I didn't see any tigers (not from want of trying!), but India really was an incredible experience, far surpassing what I'd hoped in terms of an adventure for all the senses. Having recently bought a new camera (the very capable Sony NEX-5N), I went a little crazy and took about 3000 photographs, along with a lot of video. As we'd planned our route around various cultural and historical sites, I've subsequently got a lot of photos of heritage locales that I'd like to share. On top of this, the experience of travelling through a country so different to my own in many ways was e…

Palaeolithic Collections, Museum of Aquitaine, Bordeaux

After a little break, the blog is back in action.
Here's a post from October I didn't manage to get up before I went to India during November. Lots of lovely photos of Palaeolithic treasures!