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First light for the blog

Welcome to The Rocks Remain!

I'm finally graduating from various online interactions, one-off bloggings and several thousand tweets to a proper home for all the things I want to talk about, and that I hope others will enjoy reading.

This blog is personal, although it will feature a lot of my own research in addition to comment, interpretation and critique of other research and discoveries in the field of Neanderthal and Palaeolithic archaeology. I do however reserve the right to post on anything, so expect occasional forays into my other interests, although there is usually some kind of archaeological intersection.

I will be focusing not only on the archaeology itself, but also the warts-and-all reality of research, such as problems and limitations of our methodologies (especially lithic analysis) and the challenging situation facing early career researchers right now in terms of funding and jobs. As a big motivation for writing this blog is my belief in getting research out there…